Argentina's Che Malambo brings percussive, athletic dance to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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Che Malambo | Caravan World Rhythms | Queen Elizabeth Theatre | April 11, 2018

Caravan World Rhythms presents the electrifying, international dance sensation Che Malambo on April 11, 2018 at 8pm at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Combining the lightning-fast footwork of Riverdance with the smoldering intensity of flamenco and tango, Che Malambo will storm the stage this spring with a breathtaking new program. Hailed by critics for their “power and passion” and “mind-blowing” performances, Che Malambo promise to allure audiences with pulsating rhythms, magnetic physicality, and a delicious hint of danger.

Celebrated for their strength, sensuality, and speed, Che Malambo’s 14 dancers display their hypnotic rhythms and technical prowess with humour and confidence. Night after night, they create an edge-of-the-seat experience showcasing the inherent precision in every member of this highly skilled ensemble.

Founded by renowned French dancer and choreographer Gilles Brinas, Che Malambo has been delighting audiences around the world since 2007. Captivated by the gaucho (South American cowboy) tradition, Brinas’ interest took him to the Pampas region of Argentina to study the signature gaucho dance style, Malambo. Originally a form of competitive duel between 17th century gauchos, Malambo evolved to include zapateo.

The zapateo style is characterized by its breakneck footwork inspired by the galloping of horse hooves. Its rhythms are drawn from the traditional Argentine bombos, and its bravado is summoned with the same boldness as the gaucho tossing its whirling boleadoras (percussive lasso). Inspired by the theatrical dynamism of this art form, Brinas created Che Malambo to share it with the world.

Brinas has performed with prestigious dance companies throughout Europe including Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon, the Ballet of the Twentieth Century, at La Scala in Milan, and the Grand Ballet de France in the company of Robert Hossein. He is the founder of the Ballet DEA and has choreographed works for the illustrious Biennale de la Danse. Among Brinas’ many honours are awards from the Bagnolet competition and the Charles Oulmont Foundation.

After a highly successful 32-city world tour during the 2015/16 season, Che Malambo completed a much-lauded American tour in early 2017. They will thrill Canadian audiences in Calgary on April 10 and Vancouver on April 11 as part of a busy international performance schedule including stops in Malaysia, Belgium, Spain, and Ukraine.

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