Signs to the City - Not Made of Miracles

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Not Made of Miracles | Signs to the City | Jarrett Lobley – vocals; Joel Klassen – guitar; Tim Iskierski – drums; Earl Pereira – bass | released January 2018

This is an album that feels like an old familiar friend after the first listen. Full of classic Canadian rock songs that are smooth and comfortable, Not Made of Miracles is quietly unassuming yet intensely layered with emotions. The band will take these dozen tracks on the road for a European tour, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of them here at home.

"Unstable” opens the album with a rousing, reflective tune about uncertainty. “Seen it All” is another catchy standout, and “The Line,” for which the band has released an entertaining music video, is the star of the show. Songs such as “Moon 2.0” show the band’s range of influences with a bit of an ethereal feel, and “Last Time” is subtly infused with a hint of jazz. At times intense and broody, and at others melodic and joyful, Lobley’s vocals effortlessly combine with the varied instrumental harmonies.

Winnipeg-based Signs to the City (formerly the Jarrett Lobley Project) have created a solid follow-up to their 2015 debut, Better Days. Front-man Lobley, who spends his days as a physician, leads a bit of a double life moonlighting as a musician. However, with music’s healing nature, perhaps his two worlds are not as far apart as it seems. In a way, some of these songs might be just the cure you need.

Track Listing:

1. Unstable

2. Paris

3. Seen it All

4. Never Awake

5. Dark Soul

6. Moon 2.0

7. The Line

8. Dark Water

9. Last Time

10. Into the Guiding Lights

11. Everyone Breathes

12. Rockets

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